total hip arthroplasty

Total hip arthroplasty surgery information

The Situation

I just recently had a total hip arthroplasty or as it is more frequently recognized total hip substitute.

I have chosen to inform of my experiences as an individual in order to assist various other potential patients choose whether they should go on and also have this particular operation.

I am an active male over 65 years old that still operates in the outdoor occupation of yacht chartering and also, whenever feasible, I stroll my canine on a regular basis.

The discomfort in my right hip crept up on me slowly up until I asked my family doctor to arrange an x-ray. This showed some damage and arthritis because hip yet he encouraged me to take some mild anti-inflammatories as well as not to go any type of more at that stage.

The naproxen that was prescribed maintained the pain down yet progressively gradually this raised up until I chose that I must have an additional x-ray.

This x-ray revealed a quick damage in the arthritis because hip and also consequently I was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon.


He explained what was mosting likely to take place in the procedure advised me that there was a small percentage chance of problems which I would have slightly much less motion in the hip after the operation Nevertheless he was encouraging regarding the high quality and also durability of the new hip so I determined to proceed.

The Procedure

I was provided an epidural in my spinal column and also went into the operating for my total hip arthroplasty theatre at about 8 o’clock on a Thursday evening. I had actually recuperated by 10 o’clock that evening as well as returned to the ward.

The next morning after breakfast the physio therapist pertained to see me as well as had me out of bed and also strolling on crutches prior to lunch break.

When the surgeon pertained to see me he explained in ordinary males terms that there had actually been straight call between the bone in my hip and also the bone in my leg which clarified the discomfort that I had been experiencing. It was thus noticeable that there had actually been no alternative but to perform this or a comparable treatment.

On Sunday the complying with day the physio therapist had me walking higher distances on crutches as well as likewise up and down stairways.

The physical rehabilitation advanced the Monday and also in the mid-day I had the ability to go home.


I was offered some day-to-day workouts to do as well as encouraged not to drive for 6 weeks.

The important tools that I needed while I was recouping were a straight back chair with arms to help me rise and also down, an elevated toilet seat as well as a Pressure treatment pillow to remain on.

For the next six weeks the major difficulty I experienced was resting as I found it really tough to discover a comfortable setting in bed.

Throughout this duration I continued with the exercises mosted likely to a weekly session with the physiotherapist as well as did some hydrotherapy. The only medication I took was some paracetamol when required as well as some anti blood clot tablets.

After two weeks I was able to stroll with only one prop as well as after four weeks I really did not require props.


total hip arthroplasty

It is currently 4 months considering that the procedure I haven’t taken any type of pain relievers for the last 2 months I have actually strolled practically each day with the pet and I have actually been out cruising on a Yacht.

I am extra energetic than I have been for numerous years and also I am not aware at all of the operation on my hip.

To anyone who has enabled their hip joint to deteriorate to the level that I did I would very recommend this procedure.

Nonetheless I still think that all-natural treatments, weight control and diet regimen can protect against or reduce the onset of joint inflammation.