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How to Fix a Computer Crash : How to speed up my computer

How to Fix a Computer Crash

computer-crashI’ve found the best way how to fix computer crash is to prevent it from crashing in the first place. If your computer has already crashed, that advice doesn’t do you much good right now. But it’s important to keep in mind how to fix computer crash so that you can prevent it from happening again.

Computers crash. It’s a sad fact. I’ve been pretty lucky with computers, but I tend to baby mine, keeping the junk off them and keep the registry clean and efficient. Just like you want to keep your oil and air filter changed on your car, you need to keep your computer clean and maintained to keep it running properly. Since I do this, I have few problems.

But if your computer has crashed, there are some things you can do to try to fix the problem. The first course of action is to reboot the system. If it reboots and seems to snap back to normal, you should rejoice. The reason it crashed was probably a registry problem. While that might sound serious and intimidating (and it can be, if you don’t know how to fix it) you don’t need to worry because there is registry cleaning software available to do the hard stuff for you.

The reason the registry can crash the computer in the first place is that it relies so heavily on registry entries. They’re essentially the brains of your system. If something’s not quite right there, the computer gets confused and falls apart–it crashes. Registry software looks at the entire registry and fixes errors and problems. Then your computer won’t get confusing or conflicting information from the registry, and it shouldn’t crash because of it.

If the system won’t reboot, then there’s still a way how to fix computer crash. Try to reboot in what’s called safe mode. As your computer is starting up, choose the safe mode option and it will automatically not run most of the programs that start up with your computer. This is a bare bones option that lets it run only what it needs to operate. Run a registry cleaner in safe mode to get rid of the problems that are preventing a normal reboot.

If the registry cleaner doesn’t work (though I’m sure it will at least help improve the situation, if not fix it entirely) then you have a problem with something that runs when your computer’s in normal mode but not in safe mode. You can try to run a program designed to diagnose the problem, or you can allow one program at a time until a problem hits, telling you which one is the culprit.

I recommend that you invest in a registry cleaner no matter what you think the problem might be. How to fix computer crash is almost always far more technical and involved than preventing the crash in the first place. Run the registry cleaner about once a week to catch any problems right away and keep your system running smoothly. You may also want to look at ways towards speeding up your machine once you have resolved the crashing issue.

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