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How to Improve Computer Speed : How to speed up my computer

How to Improve Computer Speed

How to Improve Computer SpeedI’m often asked by friends and family about how to improve computer speed. They know that I perform regular maintenance on my computers and strive to keep them from crashing. While they have crash and freeze problems with even newer systems. Hopefully the tips I gave them can help you, too.

  1. A registry cleaner program. This is the best tip I can possible give for how to improve computer speed. It has the added side benefit of preventing computer crashes caused by both slowdown and registry errors. A registry program like this scans the registry, the brains of your computer, and fixes existing as well as potential problems. Most crashes are caused by a registry problem. But regularly running a quality registry cleaner heads these problems off at the pass, and keeps your computer running great.
  2. Check your disk for errors. Have a look at your hard drive’s properties, and then choose the “Tools” tab. The top option is a disk error check. Run it now and then to make sure there are no disk errors that could be causing problems. If it finds an error it repairs it. This is any method on how to improve computer speed.
  3. Defragment. The option below the disk error check is the defragmenter tool. This organized the information on your disk better so that it’s more efficient in retrieving and storing information. This speeds the system up.
  4. Delete temporary files. Your computer keeps a cache of many Internet and other files. These accumulate and eat up space that your system could be using to run faster. On your hard disk properties box, can opt to use the disk clean up tool. This lets you delete temporary files and other things you might need to free up disk space.
  5. Reboot. Many of us, and I am a chief violator here, never turn our computers off. We restart them when they start acting funny. It’s a good idea to periodically restart your computer, and you’ll prevent these slow patches.
  6. Install a firewall or use the one built into Windows. This blocks certain push technologies and other contacts that can grind your system to a halt.
  7. Use a good anti-virus program. Every virus doesn’t announce itself by erasing your hard drive. There are plenty of viruses that run in the background, doing damage quietly. These viruses, particularly Trojans that let another person get into your system remotely, can drag a system down and easily crash it. Using good anti-virus software will keep this from happening.
  8. Get rid of spyware. One of the best methods that worked for me on how to improve computer speed was to run an anti-spyware program. I had no idea that spyware could affect a system so poorly, until it happened to me.
  9. Watch for programs that install along with the programs you want. Some will install spyware that changes your home page and your default search engine, while others install a toolbar that will slow down your browsing while it sends the owner company information about your surfing habits. It

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