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3 Solutions if My Computer Freezes Randomly : How to speed up my computer

3 Solutions if My Computer Freezes Randomly

If your computer freezes randomly, you’re clearly dealing with a problem. Don’t feel badly, because this happens to most computers over time. The longer you have the computer and use it, the more it fills up, has errors and gets disorganized. These contribute to the slowing of the system, which will eventually lead to its crash.

Your computer freezes randomly?
I have the solution which is fast, easy and automatic.
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Your computer freezes randomly?
I have the solution which is fast, easy and automatic.
Check out the tools I personally recommend

Unfortunately, when a computer freezes randomly it’s not something that’s really out of the ordinary. If you use a computer regularly and don’t take specific steps to prevent freezing, then it’s bound to start locking up sooner or later. The computer’s very nature and design leads it down this road.

This is because of the computer’s registry. The registry is a very complex and often misunderstood component of Windows. It’s vital to your computer’s operation. Think of the registry as your computer’s brain. And everything you do on the computer, everything you install or remove, is stored in the brain. When you remove things, very often certain registry entries are left behind, like memories. But these memories are good for absolutely nothing.

The registry hangs on to them, though, and eventually it gets so full that it’s hard to find things that are important now. The registry is often a source or problems. The registry is probably the culprit if your computer freezes randomly.

To fix this problem, you have 3 options:

  1. Format your hard drive: This gives your system a fresh start. It also erases everything but the operating system, so any programs you have installed, any files, will be erased when you format the disk. You need to back up everything, including the current registry, before attempting to reformat your computer. If something goes wrong, as long as you have a registry backup you can revert to that so your system will run while you figure out the problem. Formatting is probably not a step you want to take, even if your computer freezes, until the only other option is giving up and buying a new computer. Which brings us to option 2.
  2. Buy a new computer: If your computer freezes randomly and you don’t want to format the drive, then buy a new computer to use regularly and keep this old one that freezes, knowing that it’s probably only going to get worse.
  3. Use registry cleaning software to fix the problem: You want have to format or spring for a new system. It’s a good idea to back everything up just in case. And in fact, really good reg cleaning software prompts you to do this before it works its magic anyway. This software costs about the same as other system tool programs, which is nothing compared to the cost of a new computer. And it’s not a one shot expense that you’ll never use again. Once you have the software, you should use it about once a week to scan and prevent future problems.

If your computer freezes up, now’s the time to get the registry cleaning software, and you can probably avoid having to try the other two options.

I have recommended a few of those registry cleaning sofware here. Have a look at my recommendation and stop your computer from freezing today.

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